Weber smoked tri-tip with mustard coating

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  1. Well all I post on lots of tri tip threads. Finally time to show you all my favorite tri tip recipe. I almost always cook them 2 at a time. I trim all the fat cap and freeze for later sausage making adventures. 

    So I trim, then I jaccard the tri tip(forking works well too). Then I take both and put them in a ziplock bag with kikkoman teriyaki and 6-8 crushed garlic cloves.

    I let this sit for an hour or so. Flipping when I go for a beer.[​IMG]
  2. Getting the Q ready I fill one weber charcoal holder as full as possible. 

    Then I use *gasp* lighter fluid. I do this to ensure proper fuel size and heat since I have been doing since before all my fancy temp gadjets.

    Add cherry chunks and oak if you have them. I use oak pellets since I cant buy oak here. I can only harvest it. And getting them small to use for this is a pain.

    Then I cover and wait for blueish white smoke.

    Once ready I put on the two tris and bunch them up as much as possible. Then cover and smoke for 45 mins.
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    Lookin good! Love me some nice med rare tri tip with red oak or hickory.
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    The only tri-tip I can find here is from Walmart at $6.58 a lb. Is this a fair price? I'd love to try it....[​IMG]
  6. Thanks. I find the cherry oak combo to be my favorite for this.
  7. Better price than I pay for choice. I only buy when I see a choice cut that looks prime, with lots of marbling.

  8. Take some yellow mustard and some better than bullion,  and mix together. 

    Add some fresh cracked black pepper, and the slather sauce is ready.

    I sauce when the meat takes on this color. Brush on all over fairly thick.

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  10. I pulled it before the sauce set to my liking because the temp was way too high. Might have placed them too close to the coals to start.

    Then I slice between the two grain directions.

    After I slice up each side at an angle to give taller cuts. Someone snuck a taste test.

    Slap some Mayo on a Kings Hawaiian roll and a few slices and you will be in heaven. 

    Please try it out and let me know what you think.
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