Weber (or dome) lid exhaust mods

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by chiefusn, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. chiefusn

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    Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it looks like I'll be able to get in the garage finally and 1.) finish my 30G UDS and 2.) Paint and do some mods to the 55G. One thing I was thinking about doing was modding my weber lid's exhaust to give it some WOW!!! Has anybody else done any mods to your Weber or dome type lids?

  2. My lid is from Char-boil, I kept the damper or whatever you want to call it and trimmed it down

    tacked on a 4" rain cap, cut the bottom of rain cap so that it would be level when my lid was closed.  Cut out a slot in the back for the damper to still serve its purpose of closing

    closed the remaining gaps with a bead of high temp silicone

    finished product
  3. c farmer

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    That looks neat.
  4. chiefusn

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    That looks cool. Great workmanship.

  5. ^^That's way cool!

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