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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by bigque, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. bigque

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    My drum is 22 1/2 inches exactly and I was wondering if a weber lid would fit with out any mods being made. Or if there is any other brand kettle's that would fit also. Thanx
  2. smokinal

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    Go to Home Depot & measure a Weber lid. I think they fit.
  3. austexrod

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    The answer is yes, the question is will it provide a air tight seal?

    If the barrel lid is cut off like mine, you may want to use a 2" ring that has been cut from the rim of the bowl on the Weber grill. Now, I have seen people use this ring even if they have the original rim on their barrell. Either way you will probably need to use a gasket for an air-tight seal, like high temp RTV silicone. If RTV is not a preference of yours, I've noticed several Q'ers using high temp rope gasket. You will still have to use glue to help hold it in place. Rutland makes rope gasket but I'm not sure what size would work best. You can find it on Amazon, it is relatively inexpensive. 

    Please keep us updated with your end results. buena suerte!

    ....don't forget the Q-view

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