Weber kettle is still my go to for everything.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ammaturesmoker, Sep 19, 2016.

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    I recently changed out the ash plate to an ash pan unit. Best 30 bucks I spent on it. I got this thing for free in trading my smokey Joe. But time after time again this thing continues to put out some good BBQ. It is my go to unit for direct cooking and has great flavor to the meat. This thing rules as my all around cooker!!! I did some baby back direct cooking the other day @ 325 and they were to die for. They were not burnt at all. Moist and pulled right off of the bone with a slight smoke ring. I just kept the lid on them for an hour and that was it. They were very juicy. It non wonder these 22 units are so versatile. T

    he amazing part is there are some that completely master these guys. I participated in a BBQ competition a few years ago and thought were would place well. The chefs from Weber show'd up with these massive kettles and whipped everyone. Even those that had been smoking for 5 hours got beat.However using this brings back my first ever time using not only a charcoal grill on my own but one that people offered money for my food. I was 12 maybe 13 and my Grandfather have us his old BBQ. He moved into a senior trailer park from his house and they only allowed gas. So he bought a gas unit and he gave his old kettle to us.

    I think it was 6 or 7 years old at that time. I remember him using it on my 8th birthday for Tri-Tip and I loved it. Anyway my parents said we can do a fast trip to Bass Lake but we would not have enough money to buy food so we decided on a picnic. So since the kettle was till in the box in pieces I offered to cook hamburgers and hotdogs. Later in the days I assembled it which was about a minute and I started the coal pile with lighter fluid and they turned white. I then took the grate and put the burgers on. I had several people ask me if they could buy some from me. 

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    I have been through a lot of gear in my time.

    The one constant is the 30 year old Weber sitting on my patio.

    Has to be the most versatile cooker ever invented. As much a cooking method as it is a grill.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  3. b-one

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    Agreed a great unit. I recently bought a used performer and it's great even added a rotisserie setup to it. Shame I spent so much for the Genesis gasser when I started out.
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    Yep, I've had one on my patio in every house I have lived in & still do!


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