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  1. I got tired of not having a work table when I was grilling.  I always had two grills side by side so I could use the other one for a table. I like the weber grill that has the work table but it is $349!  I built this for about 40 bucks.

  2. wjordan52

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    Very nice! 
  3. Great idea
  4. tonybel

    tonybel Smoking Fanatic

    Are you going to paint it or do anything else to it?
  5. I need one!
  6. hambone1950

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    Work of art , brother! You made your own weber performer! Just needs some wheels! Beautiful.:grilling_smilie:
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  7. dmthey

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    I know that this is an old thread, but just got my new Weber kettle and liked the looks of this table. Does anyone have any plans or drawings on it? Know of any other tables similar with available plans?
  8. garny

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    I'm with DMThey. Any plans or know where to find them? I like the look and seems like a great weekend project.
  9. bauchjw

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    Nothing on plans? Also, no issues with heat on wood?
  10. looks like the cut outs for the side handles centers the weber and there is plenty of space between the wood and grill to prevent the wood from getting too hot. Some flashing could be installed for added peace of mind. I'd add hooks for the lid and grillin tools. or maybe a drawer for tools n supplies. Overall, it's a good looking mod. He might even think about an AmaZen mailbox mod for smokin brisket.

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