We Are Making Our First Fatty Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by azsmokermark, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. azsmokermark

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    After talking about the other things that can be done in the smoker besides pork, beef, and poultry, my wife asked if we can make a fatty tomorrow.  I told her to get everything she wants to put into it and we'll put one together this afternoon, let it set overnight in the refrigerator, and then smoke it tomorrow. Let's see how her creative juices flow. She even wants to bacon weave it. For someone who was not really interested in smoking, she is starting to get into it, at least prepping the foods. She will still leave the smokey part to me, which is fine, I enjoy it.

  2. b-one

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    Can't wait for pics!
  3. jp61

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  4. azsmokermark

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    Well, I am so embarrassed, but man enough to admit I (we) messed up.  

    It was a disaster from the start.  We (she) wanted a bigger fatty (size is everything). I was a proponent of K.I.S.S. and wanted to do it like I'd seen here and in my research, 1 package of sausage and the items to fit all wrapped in a bacon weave, which I thought was the most difficult part. She wanted it thicker than one package would allow plus she wanted to mix in Italian Sweet Sausage with it. We used sausage from links which was too soft. She wanted something akin to a pinwheel which eliminated the use of a gallon ziplok bag for flattening the sausage.  We tried using wax paper and made it another half as long as it was wide to accommodate extra filling.

    Handling that much meat and stuffing was a challenge even after putting the meat in the freezer to "stiffen up" for handling.  Once we finally got the fatty rolled it was almost 4" in diameter. The meat kept sagging like a mashed pipe. It actually fell apart while putting the bacon weave on it. Instead of smoking it, it went into a skillet and we used it for burritos. The taste was good, but very disappointed it was not a fatty and there was no smoke flavor.

    Next time, we are doing it my way!
  5. bob p

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    Gracious, I feel you're pain!!!
    But as a Newbie here I just gotta ask, what exactly IS a "Fatty"?

    Best luck next time,
    Bob P
  6. jp61

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    Nothing to be embarrassed about Mark, it happens, especially when one has no experience making one.

    I'm sure your next attempt will turn out just fine. Just don't get too carried away (easy to do) with the number and thickness of layers. That can cause some problems when rolling it

    Good luck and enjoy!
  7. jp61

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    This one happens to be made from chicken. Many/most are made with some type of sausage. 

  8. hillbillyrkstr

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    Oh boy! Epic fatty fail! Putting together a fatty is a pain in the a$$! I have the wife do most of it cause Ive gotten frustrated enough where I wanted to throw the whole damn thing in the garbage and move on with my life. Better luck next time.
  9. azsmokermark

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    That's exactly what happened. Remember, I said I prefer K.I.S.S.....

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