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  1. Hello everyone.

    I have made venison/pork sausage with the inlaws for about 10 years, and am looking to develop my own operation.  So far, I have no grinder, no stuffer, and no smokehouse.  Got a ways to go.....anyway, when I get up and running, I aim to make perhaps 50-100# of sausage annually.

    As far as the grinder, I think I will pick up a #10 crank grinder if I can find a decent one.  I am leery of the new chinese ones, and will try to pick up a used one.

    For the stuffer, I am looking to make a water pressure stuffer sometime in the next year or so..not in any huge hurry just yet. 

    I saw kirby's and other designs, and they look like they would be fairly easy to build.  I have no milling equipment, so the piston looks like something I would need to buy or figure an alternative.  I did see the Dakotah stuffer piston being sold for $12, which may work good, if I could use it with commercial 3" or 4" PVC (not sure of diameter by looking at it). 

    As to the smoking, that may take a bunch more research.  I found the wediny domove (spelling?) site, and much much info there.  I may make a dry stack house with loose cinder blocks.  I need to look into this a bit more.

    Any thoughts on the water stuffer piston, or anything else would be much appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch,
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    mike, morning and welcome to the forum.....   Glad you stopped in.....  As far as a water stuffer goes, by the time you have all the valves, tubing, pipe, etc.... It is hard to beat the price of a Grizzly stuffer.... It is on sale now for $65.... I have one, and it has been a good stuffer... The price is the best I have seen...  If you are serious about sausage, I would buy this stuffer now and get 1 or 2 extra o-rings to save on shipping in the future...   only $1 each.....   When you get it, there are tricks to using it, greasing it, etc.... Post back or read the threads on here....  also you may want Food Grade Silicone Spray which Grizzly does not have at this time....  Get it somewhere else.....  Dave



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  3. Thanks for the thoughts, Dave.   I am probably going overboard with the water-powered stuffer, at this point, as I don't even own a stuffer yet.   That Grizzly stuffer looks pretty good.
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    Gad you joined us Mike! :welcome1:

    That is a good price on the Grizzly stuffer that Dave posted!

    Here is a helpful link for motorizing a grinder, I followed this and put together a #32 grinder with a 3/4 horse motor - http://www.sausagemania.com/grinder.html
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    If your just starting out.






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