Water Storage Tanks for Trailer Rigs

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bruno994, Apr 19, 2012.

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    What are you using?  Anyone have any good ideas for fresh and grey water storage? I am looking to add a sink and prep area next to complete my RF smoker trailer.  I know I can get RV tanks online and locally, but I really don't like the prices I have been looking at.  I have these in mind right now:


    Reasonably priced, and in the last comp, I only used about 7 gallons of water.  Of course that was mainly due to trimming the meat at home instead of onsite.  That saved a ton of cleanup.  Give me your ideas...
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    Bruno, morning....  that tank is about 10 gallons... is that enough ????

    About the set up....  I suggested to another member, get 2 tanks and 2 pumps... wire the pumps to come on at the same time... one supplies water to the sink and when it come on, the other pump starts and removes the grey water from a bucket under the sink to the grey water tank where ever you put it... that way the grey water tank can be elevated to any location... If using an "on demand pump" for the supply be sure the discharge pump has more capacity to thoroughly drain the bucket..... 

    Just me thinking out loud.... dumping a bucket from under the sink can be messy and a pain and unsanitary in the eyes of the food inspectors... 

    I would think about the grey water tank being larger so in the event you needed more potable water, you would have adequate storage for more grey water without having to dump...

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  3. Have you considered using a food grade 55 gal drum?  We can get them around here that are a plastic material, not steel, for about $ 15.

    I just got a couple to use for a water system at a deer camp.  I think they were cooking oil.  Washed em out real good.

    Price was right
  4. bruno994

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    DaveOmak, great idea.  I might just steal (borrow) that one from you.  The real problem is I have my storage box built and on the trailer, I am doing the installation back-ass-wards.  I should have planned out the sink and water storage area prior to framing and fitting the steel for my storage area.  So the 55 gallon drums are a no go due to space, but a good idea anyhow.  The tanks I have found online, 10-12 gallon tanks will fit perfectly in my space I have allotted for the sink and prep area, couple that with Daves' idea and I should be able to make this happen.  Keep the ideas and tank suggestions coming.   

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