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  1. I have a question. Someone said that I should put a water pan on the hot side of the grill, and not under my meat on the cool side of divided kettle for indirect cooking. Where is the best place for it?  I always put a drip pan for grease, and at times I will put apple juice or broth or water on the indirect side.

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    Anytime I've used a kettle or gas grill I've put it under with the burner/ charcoal to the other side. It's always given me what I wanted.
  3. I usually do what you do. Drip pan underneath the meat with some liquid in it.
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    On my kettles I've always put the water pan under the meat, but I cover the top with foil and leave a small opening in a spot where it won't blow steam directly on the meat...I don't like the steam blasting away and ruining the bark on the bottom of what I'm cooking. Also i kinda think filling a water pan with anything but water is a waste of broth or juice, just use that in a mop or spritz, you'll get more flavor with much less product.
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    It depends on what you are using the water pan for and how hot you are smoking.

    When roasting in my kettle I split the coals on either side and place the pan in between with the meat above. I used to fill it with water but soon found that it didn't really make much difference to the cooking. I still use one to catch the dripping fat before it passed trough the grate and into the ask and I do put a water in it to stop the fat from burning in the pan. 

    When I am cooking low and slow I use the snake method for the fuel on one side and place a pan on the other side under the meat to catch any drippings.
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