Water Pan Distance to Charcoal Basket

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by gacp, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    At what distance do you place a water pan? Perhaps direct above the charcoal basket?


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    Gustavo, evening.....  Most folks don't use a water pan in an UDS....  the steam can put the fire out, and the temps won't get over 225 deg F / 118 deg C......   Try it without and taste the results...  if you want to add a little moisture, a "soup can" size container will add a little moisture...  If you have a lower shelf or heat deflector plate, that would be the place for a water container....

  3. No water pan in my UDS

    Remember to post pics.

    Happy smoken

  4. Thanks again for all the feedback,

    I will build my UDS with a section to fit a water pan, perhaps a few inches above the charcoal, because on high altitude waters boil at 195 F degrees, I had read about UDS smoking going well on moisture but my city it's kind of dry, usually we have low humidity. 


    I will try to see what happens with and without water pan and I will post my experience on high altitude smoking. 


    It will be an interesting experience and I am excited to see what happens on high altitude smoking with low humidity and less oxygen on in the air. 



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    Dry air is a very good thing regardless, it means a better burn and will help to a point to offset high altitude issues.

    Also you'll want a rack over your basket anyway just so you can put a drip pan or heat diffuser on...even though you'll not need them often.

    Back to the moisture thing...your meats will have more than enough moisture and the drum smoker being tight in nature will hold that moisture.

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