water heater smoker build

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by crazymexican, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. crazymexican

    crazymexican Newbie

    just started a upright smoker from 50 gal water heater.
  2. smokinal

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    How are you planning to build it?

  3. Have you opened it up yet? I've heard that they have a certain kind of insulation in them that you can't really burn out. Its like a epoxy fiberglass type of something. I've got one in the backyard but when I started reading that everywhere I didn't get in a hurry to try use it. Not all tanksl have it though.
  4. halfsmoked

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  5. crazymexican

    crazymexican Newbie

    The insulation is on the outside it is like foam I took a putty knife to it. I have not opened it yet I will on Saturday. I am going to make it a upright smoker.
  6. crazymexican

    crazymexican Newbie

    the inside of the water heater tank. Getting ready to put the door on.
  7. crazymexican

    crazymexican Newbie

  8. crazymexican

    crazymexican Newbie

    just about done just need to put a door handle in it and seal with flat metal. Round grill grates and it should be ready to smoke meat in a couple of days
  9. Looking good. Making me want to get back on mine now!

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