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Discussion in 'Washington Smoker Group' started by mike johnson, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. mike johnson

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    Since we are growing fairly quickly I would like to personaly thank all you who have joined.I cant wait to see all the great recipees and food that you all make.Please take the time to introduce yourself to your fellow members.
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  2. mike johnson

    mike johnson Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    Hi all, Im Mike and I am a Union Sheetmetal Worker and have been doin this for 20 years. I love to fish and hunt and spend time outdoors.I am a happily married guy with a son.I own a MES40 and that has started me on the path of being a smoking fool. Since after seeing all the sausage pictures on here I have also begun to make my own sausage, and really enjoy that too. If I can help anyone with some questions or anything else just ask and ill try to get it done.Have a nice day.
  3. daveomak

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    Howdy all, I'm Dave.... Raised in Bellingham....  Living in the thriving metropolis of Omak now....   Retired here and doing a little farming, gardening, fishing and mostly smoking and curing foods....Moved here because I hated the rain....  Omak is home of the "World Famous "Suicide Race" and Omak Stampede....  Been smoking fish forever and tried a few other things...  Started makin' sausage about 22 years ago and quit... What a PITA.... then I joined this site and learned I was a dummy... Enjoy making sausage now and curing meats after learning how to do it properly and safely....   Safety is probably the most important thing I learned here..  How to make great food and not jeopardize family and friends with foods that are not safe to eat... 
  4. big dee

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    Hello to everybody. I am Dennis. Born in Yakima, raised in Bremerton/Silverdale area, relocated to Moses Lake after retiring from the Air Force (I also hated all the rain). Really love smoked food. Just started doing sausage this past year. I have learned a lot from all the people here. Love to try all the new things people come up with.
  5. Hi, my name is Dot. From Seattle, traveled all over because of Uncle Sam (military). Finally settled down in Vancouver, Wa. where I can fish and crab on the Columbia river, being on my boat, just relaxing and catching fish. Cooking is a hobby for me. I've been smoking for several years, but this site has opened my mind to new things. I've been thinking about making sausage, just need to spend the $ to slowly gather up the stuff...lol. I saw a water sausage stuffer that looks cool...........to use. Saving up for that one.  Hey Dave, isn't that suicide run in Ellensburg as part of the rodeo? [​IMG]
  6. Hi, My name is Virgil and I am a native Washingtonian born and raised in the greater Vancouver area. I now live in Battle Ground to the NE of Vancouver. I love to fish and try to hunt. I got started on smoking about 7 years ago with a Meco bullet smoker that I converted from electric to coal. I still have it and need to get it out one of these days for some use but I have switched to a Brinkman with the firebox on the side. I do IT support for an environmental test co and do travel up to Fife monthly. I would like to learn more about the sausage making I have a bunch of meet in my freezer that I think needs to go that direction and if I can do it rather than taking it to the local butcher shop I am willing to learn. 
  7. mike johnson

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    Welcome!!! Your at the right place to learn about sausage and smoking.
  8. smoke happens

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  9. smoke happens

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    Hello all, my name is Andy and I'm a smoke-a-holic. I live Arlington, grew up in Clearview/Snohomish area. Been cooking and grilling for a while, the smoking thing is somewhat new within the last few years. It's been pretty expensive once I found this place, but worth it with what I'm churning out of the Warthog these days. Grew up with a Little Chief, then I bought a Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker (a.k.a. El Cheapo), now I'm the proud new papa of a Smokin-It # 3 (a.k.a the Warthog). I enjoy hunting, fishing, just being outside with family and friends really. Someday I hope to be able to break my addiction to SMF, but as long as I'm learning new ways to get my fix I don't see that happening.
  10. daveomak

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    Andy.... You should never outgrow SMF...  New stuff comes up daily...  My list of things to try is longer than daylight...   

    glad you joined the group..    Dave
  11. [​IMG]....WE got a bunch of great people on this site that willing to help ya anytime if you got any questions.
  12. Hi All ,

                 My name is Cody , I am  by the South Sound Speedway (AKA Tenino Speedway) The wife says that I have an addiction . I currently own 5 Smoker and am in the process of building another lol . I currently own a NB Bandera , MES 30" Analog W/ home made 'Smoke Daddy upgrade , a U.D.S. , Brinkmann Pellet Smoker and a Sausage Maker Inc. 20" smokehouse. 

    My current project is an old freezer smoker.

    I had my very first Texas Brisket while stationed in S. Korea back in 2000. One of my soldiers somehow snuck in country,  a 12 lb packer brisket . He slow smoked it for about 16 hours . After that I was hooked . When I got back stateside I bought an ECB (El Cheapo Brinkmann)  and the rest is history .  

    This being an odd year, I am chomping at the bit for Pinks .(Do you know of ANY good local spots?)  I mostly fish for Steelhead  on the Kalama and Lewis Rivers. Salmon on the Skookumchuck and Satsop rivers  . And i hunt  Sturgeon on the Big~C.
  13. mike johnson

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    I know a great spot for pinks when they are in. Usually limit in a couple of hours. have 5-6 months yet though. I pressure can all mine.
  14. smoke happens

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    Welcome dawgdrvr!

    Mike, when are we going fishing?
  15. did someone say FISHING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <((((<I
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  17. Hey All,

    My name is Scott and I live in the Mill Creek area.  I really don't hunt or fish, but I my brother in law started smoking meat a few years ago and I loved it, so wanted to try it out myself.  I just got a 18.5 Weber Smokey Mountain and will be running amok with it shortly!  I look forward to lurking around here and learning as I go!
  18. daveomak

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    Scott, welcome to the forum....  Lots of good stuff here.... enjoy the long smokey ride...  

  19. smoke happens

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  20. mneeley490

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    Guess I'll poke my head in here, as I don't think I ever went onto the official intro page.

    My name is Mike; I was born on base in Fairbanks, Alaska, back during the Cold War when there was an Air Force base up there. Grew up in north Seattle, but got pushed farther north to Everett when the real estate prices started skyrocketing back in the '80's.

    I used to be a lighting electrician, but now I work in the legal arena (think Law & Order), commuting back & forth to Seattle. I used to hunt and fish with my dad, but have fallen out of the practice for several years, as he lives in Oregon now, and I have neither a boat nor an RV. I do miss it sometimes.

    I have had many grills over the years, but a couple years ago I got the crazy idea that I wanted to try low-n-slow smoking. So I bought a cheap-o Char Broil offset at Walmart, and then discovered the joy of having to totally modify it to make it work halfway decent. Even so, a few good smokes on it gave me the bug, and now I have my original 5-burner propane grill, a Weber OTG, an electric commercial fridge conversion that I did myself, and lastly, an old style, black MES 30. I had to give my other no-name charcoal grill to the daughter and son-in-law, to apease the wife. [​IMG]    Will probably clean up the Char Broil offset and sell it on craigslist this Spring, as I haven't used it in about a year.
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