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  1. A man went to a nightclub with a few friends. The bouncer refused to let the man in because he wasn’t dressed appropriately. The dress code called for a tie. None of his friends had a spare tie. After thinking for a moment, one of his friends said, “I know! I have a set of jumper cables you could use as a tie. Just tie two ends and tuck the other ends in your shirt.†The man put them on, and headed back to the club. The bouncer was suspicious. But he agreed to let the man in as long as he didn’t start anything.
  2. ok, I laughed. [​IMG] But you need to take another pain killer. [​IMG] haha
  3. (sigh) (*shaking head*)

    Okay, I'll admit that I chuckled a bit at that. [​IMG]
  4. cowgirl

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    LOL! I liked it Lisa!
  5. That was cute!!!
  6. I think that one needs a boost. LOL Oh man I crack myself up....a boost..ahh......Uh good one Lisa.
  7. rodbuilder

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    It put a smile on my face... [​IMG]
  8. smokin for life

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    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, your too much. That, like you was really cute.
  9. bad jokes make good jokes better!

    I like corny jokes personally!


    Thanks for the smile lisa!

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