wanting to smoke 2 butts in a mes over night for the next ..read on please

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  1. lal357

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    ok sounds crazy i have a team rifle match on saturday and want to smoke to butts over night for pulled pork so everyone can eat after shooting the match. heres my idea

    hickory chips

    2 butts 8-9 lbs each bone in 

    inject them with some apple cider tonight and put a rub on top of them then let them sit in the fridg. until tomorrow

    start butts @ 3 pm temp 220 let them cook all night until 5 am saturday morning then pull and place in a crockpot on warm at the range until about noon or 1pm .

    does this sound feasable? is 220 a good temp or drop it down to 200 

    i cook 1 before for 15 hrs and it turned out great IT was 195  and im hoping to do it again but with 2 butts (25-30 shooters)
  2. Just for an example....

    2 butts bone in 17 lb total Will cook 2 hrs per lb at 235 f .  I cook to an internal temp at the center of the largest piece to 200 f. then wrap in foil and place in a cooler immediately. 

    I get a hot product hold time of 6 hrs, as long as I leave cooler shut. 

    Don't worry about getting it done by a certain time. Just get it done right, and hold. 
  3. mike5051

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    So are you saying that two butts 17 lb total would take 34 hrs at 235?  That seems like a very long time.

  4. chef jimmyj

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    No, timing is judged by the heaviest piece, the weights are not added together. One 9Lb roast or Six, still only takes about 18-20 hours. If you wish to stick to your plan, you will get it done...BUT...3PM Friday to 1PM Saturday is 22 Hours. This is pretty much the time needed for those 2 Butts at a Steady 225-250°F. A Crock Pot on warm is only around 150-160°. Too Cold. A setting of HIGH is around 240°F...So to get the meat done start at 3PM Friday and proceed but TEST your Crock Pot and use HIGH if it will get between 225 and 250. This should be ample time to do the job. Check the meat at 11AM  and adjust accordingly...JJ
  5. lal357

    lal357 Newbie

    The crockpot is just to keep it warm while we are shooting the match im wanting to pull/shred about 5 am . 5am is my cut off time when I have to leave for the rifle match . It wont be going be sitting in a cooler just the crockpot
  6. chef jimmyj

    chef jimmyj Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member

    3P to 5A, 14 hours for 9Lb Butts at 220°F??? I doubt you will be ready to go. That is about 1.5Hrs/Lb and you are at the Low end, temp wise, for that timing. At that temp I plan on 2 hours per pound and I usually give wiggle room of an hour or two. Other than that, the Finished Pulled Pork will hold fine in the Crock Pot on Warm. I would add or have a Finishing Sauce ready to keep the meat moist. I use a Sweeter Apple based one or a Tangy Vinegar based Finishing Sauce depending on the crowd I am feeding...JJ
  7. lal357

    lal357 Newbie

    yeah i will be cutting it close at 3pm i'm thinking about starting it around 1pm and going 225 they have been sitting in the fridg wrapped up since last night 1 has apple juice and cpt. morgans injected with a honey mustard coating to hold the butt rub and southern seasoning on it . #2 has apple juice and 100%maple syrup injected with the same on the outside. i plan on wrapping them around 2 am to 4am then back on the grate (if they hold together if not i'll just open the foil ) for the last hour .

    i hope they are hungry 18# of butt after the match when i brought this up with the teams captain he was all for it and everyone is bringing some thing to add we should be ruined after eating  
  8. chef jimmyj

    chef jimmyj Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member

    Sounds like you are good to go. BEST of Luck with the Match. I am not much for Rifle these day as I am right handed and lost vision in my right eye. I am now left eye dominant and have no issue Handgunning...JJ
  9. drewed

    drewed Meat Mopper

    I'm trying to think about shooting with zero sleep!  Yikes! I'd have a hard time knowing which end of the gun to hold!

    I'd start the butts as soon as you can.  You can store in fridge and re-warm or hold in crock pot for quite some time.  I agree with the finishing sauce idea.
  10. lal357

    lal357 Newbie

    unfortunately i have an old dog that gets me up at 12 and 2 am and i normally get up at 4 am so it wont be that bad. i'm more worried about over cooking them
  11. A good plan was in place i was just hinting to the fact of giving up on timing. reading back my sleepy eyed post I wasnt trying to say it should cook 34 hrs but 2 hrs a lb for the largest piece to get an idea of cook time, but still monitoring IT. I have become a fan of holding butts in a cooler until they cool enough to pull. Yes the bark softens. 

    I guess my point was to use the specifics as guidelines, just hold the butts whole in a cooler until you are ready to serve. the 17 lb of cooked butts will hold 6 hrs or more and still be hot when you pull em.
  12. lal357

    lal357 Newbie

    Ok they are on now to wait and add chips i ended up just using 1 drip pan
  13. lal357

    lal357 Newbie

    9 1/2 hrs in IT 163 
  14. lal357

    lal357 Newbie

    checked at 2am temps  176 and 183 

    checked at 4:30 am temps 194 (pulled it and wrapped sitting in a crock pot ) and 186 (still on the smoker ) going to pull this one in 30 and wrap it good thing i have a wreless temp probe i'll let this one cook on low until it reaches 195-200 then keep warm until shredding time .i'm leaving the juices in both pots so they can keep moist and will baste from time to time .

    thanks for all the help and input i'll take a pic of both in the pots and post later
  15. mike5051

    mike5051 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Sounds like success to me![​IMG]

  16. lal357

    lal357 Newbie

    Here what they looked like at 2am
  17. lal357

    lal357 Newbie

    And after I pulled them apart out of 18lbs of butt I have enough for 2 sandwiches left.
    Oh and we lost by 1 10th of a point it was that close
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