Wanting a new unit Larger Electric or Pellet? All input welcome.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shtrdave, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. shtrdave

    shtrdave Smoking Fanatic

    I have a Cookshack Smokette, had it for about 12 years and love it but not enough temp for my kind of chicken and would like to have more room to cook.  Also have a Gas unit that needs some tweeking and an old brinkman barrel.

    Looking at either a Smokin It #4 for the electric or the Rec Tec for the pellet.

    Any advice on pros or cons and opinions of owners.

    I know the electric will still only go to 250, but I figure with a 1500W element one could get a new thermostat or controller and modify it a bit, because that seems to be what we do we adjust things to our liking to fit our needs.

    So any advice?

    Oh also may need to do a little convincing on the girlfriend end, she thinks I am nuts now with the stuff I have and taking pictures of food and such.
  2. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    I'm a Rec Tec owner, but cannot give you an intelligent comparison to the Smokin It, as I've never used one of those.  

    I can tell you that IMO, the RT is the best smoker/grill I've ever owned (Through the years, I've cooked on stick burners, gassers, and electric).  The temperature control is amazing...as simple as pushing a button, and it will maintain any temp from 180* to 500* for as many hours as you need within a couple degrees.  Perhaps the thing I like best is the versatility.  I can low and slow smoke a monster brisket for 20 hours at 225, or put the sear kit in there and direct-grill a perfect steak at 500* (I'm so happy with the way it grills, I gave my Brinkmann gas grill to my son).  Also, I believe the food I'm cooking tastes better now because I'm cooking on a wood fired pit.

    I'm sure the Smokin It is a great rig...Lots of satisfied Smokin It users here...so I'm sure they can weigh in with the virtues of those rigs.  Either way will surely give you years of great que.  

    I hope any of this helps...Good luck!  Be sure you let us know what you go with.

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  3. jodyfj40

    jodyfj40 Fire Starter

    I can 2nd the feelings about the Rec Tec, i've owned mine now for a couple of months and I use it so much more than my old MES40 just due to how easy it is.  I have not cooked anything on it yet that wasn't good.  SeenRed, are you using the grill grates to sear or is the sear kit something else?

  4. geerock

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    I think the rec tec will be a more useful cooker for you. And it is a seriously well built machine with pid control that is rock solid. Be careful with modifying an electric for too high of temp as the insulation and wiring may not be rated to handle the higher temps. Considering that the rec tec is a great set and forget cooker (like an electric), and provides the smoke flavor thru the fuel source I believe it is one to consider.
  5. I'm not familiar with the Rec tec but I will say I'm a new GMG Daniel Boone owner and I love it.  The convienience of the pellet smoker is worth every penny.

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