Wanted to do a beer can chicken but I don't drink

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by millbilly, Nov 6, 2014.

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    I wanted to do the smoked chicken the other Sunday. Didn't wanna butterfly the chicken cause it would cook to fast, and had some time to kill till my wife got home. I remembered reading about  beer can chicken and figured that was the way to go. Only problem, I don't drink so no beer cans to be had. That didn't stop me. I went lookin in the pantry, and there it was, a can of pears in a light syrup. You know where that can went.

    Well about 2 and a half hours later and some fresh chunks of cherry wood ( I was splittin wood for the wood stove while smoking the chicken) the chicken was done. Now what to do with the can of pears? Poured them in to a fryin pan, added a little butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a dash of cayenne pepper and used it kinda like banana fosters over vanilla ice cream.

    The chicken you might wonder, let me tell you, a smoked wing taken from a whole bird tells the story WOW, down right unbelievable.

    I'm new here to this forum, one of these days I will write about something my friends call million dollar meat. 
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    Where are the pictures?!?! You know what we say around here. No pics never happened
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    Welcome to the Familia . However you should provide Q-view , [​IMG]
  4. Weber has a handy dandy holder for doing "beer can" style chicken, without the beer.

    I did this tonight with apple juice, chicken broth, and seasonings in the center cup.  The small cap goes on the neck hole.

    Chicken turned out beautiful, cooked at 350 indirect.  A shot of the first slice shows it very juicy.


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