WANTED - BBQ sauce recipe with fresh tomotoes

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  1. mfreel

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    We have a lot of fresh tomatoes from the garden that we don't know what to do with.  We've done BLTs, caprese, juiced them, stewed them and made spaghetti sauce.

    We've got the strainer.

    Does anyone have a good recipe for BBQ sauce that is from scratch?  I mean, really from scratch using fresh tomatoes?
  2. kathrynn

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    bump to help get some comments.

    My thoughts are to use the 'maters and cook them down to a thin consistency and then add the sugars, vinegar and spices to make a 'ketchup"...and then do the sauce you like from that base.

  3. smokeusum

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    There are tons of recipes for making "ketchup" from fresh tomatoes which apparently most use as a base for making BBQ sauce - my next venture now that I've gotten down a good base rub. I was really surprised to find out how many use ketchup as a base and then start adding the same exact ingredients used to make ketchup which seems always too thick and too high in sodium. I think by starting with a good BBQ sauce recipe and a ketchup recipe side by side and blending the two you will end up with a perfect sauce that has better flavor, lower in sodium and just slamming with flavor with your fresh tomatoes!

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