Want to do my first brisket, need some feedback

Discussion in 'Beef' started by fmcowboy, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Ok, I plan to do my first brisket tomorrow. I have read that brisket is one of teh toughest things to smoke, not as forgiving as pork I guess in terms of chance for over cooking or over smoking etc.....

    Its a small crowd so, just try and pick up the "flat" portion? How much does brisket usually cost?

    Foil midway thru the smoke or don't foil, I have read up and have seen both done?

    Place in a pan mid-smoke or don't place in a pan?

    I have made successful Q each time I have tried and am sure I'll do fine on this. I usually absorb all the great info, and hen come up with my technique and go forth.

    thoughts on the questions?

  2. pineywoods

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    For a first brisket smoke I would follow this sticky then as you do a few change things the way you want


    As far as costs that varies in Fl depends on where you have to buy them theres a meat market close to me I can get them for 1.89-1.99 a lb and the local Winn Dixie and Publix are twice that price if they even have them

    Good luck with your smoke
  3. Ok, I got the brisket marinating, whipped up a collaborative rub concoction. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.
  4. ellymae

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    Good luck on the brisket.
    Give it longer then you think it will take - you can always keep it in a warm cooler if it gets done before you are ready to eat.
    Cook it low and slow - no need to foil from where I sit - let us know how you make out.
  5. yeah, i have been having the debate with myself on this today, whether to foil or not. I think I will go without the foil. But my next dilemma is to place in a foil pan or to not. I have read that once it hits around 160 degrees, turn it over to fat side down, and in a foil pan that has been catching the dripping during the cook. and then leave in the pan to cook the rest of the way.

    I am thinking I may not place in a pan either as I will have a water pan in place so that will help with the moisture and I will be spraying the brisket every 90 minutes or so.

    we'll see, all subject to change. lol
  6. fourthwind

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    It depends on how you like the outside. Personally I like a nice bark on the outside of my brisket. You cant get that if it's sitting in moisture. Like the other guys said. Low and slow, and dont let the plateau fool you into cranking up the heat. My Briskets take about 18 to 20 hours on average, then I wrap and rest in the cooler for several hours. I have a Brisket I just trimmed, slathered, and rubbed sitting in the fridge waiting to hit the smoke tomorrow evening for a Monday lunch. Good luck and keep us posted!
  7. mballi3011

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    Brisket is getting a bad rap here. Their not that hard they just take a long time to smoke one. You have to live thru that dreaded plateau and thats never fun.Even if you mess with it kick it or even slap it around you wouln't get that thing to move until it is darn good and ready too. Are you gonna slace it or pull it. If you slice it I would pull it at about 170 or so and if your pulling just ake it to 170 and then foil with some spitz and then take it to 205 and then in the cooler for alitlle while at least 1 hour and more if you can. So enjoy their a good smoke.
  8. I plan to slice it,so I should pull at 170? I have read around 180-190.
  9. dropastone

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    I'm no expert when it comes to briskets, I've only done 2, The first one I did was good but I should have left it go a little longer. You have to be patient when it comes to smoking brisket. Hey you got to learn by your mistakes right. My second one turned out a lot better.

    Anyway here is my 2 cents. On my second brisket I took it to around 200* with no foil no spritz. Then I wrapped it in foil for a cpl of hours to rest before slicing. I'm sure it would have pulled as well because it was so tender. I tend to agree with mballi3011 It's not hard to smoke brisket. It's just getting through the Plateau and long time it takes to smoke.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck.

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