Walmart / Win dixie Real butts?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by will75, Mar 6, 2015.

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    So i decided to google this morning, and i have been just buying butts at whichever store has them on sale. Well i noticed on some youtube videos, people talk about the best part of the butt is the "money muscle"  i just looked at a 5 pounder i have to do today and i noticed, there is no "grain" on the side, in fact. I think the way this thing looks, the money muscle may of been already cut off before it was sold at the store ?  Is this normal?  This was either a smithfield or that other vaccum sealed brand they carry. Do i need to get a sams club membership or something? 
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    A 5 pounder is a cut portion of a butt, so there are going to be parts missing. Is there a reason you need the "money muscle" like to make Coppa or something or are you just making pulled pork out of the whole thing? If you're not competing or looking to cure Italian specialty hams, the muscle in question has very little significance.
  3. On something that small you're definitely getting only a portion of the whole muscle. If you want the "money" muscle (Coppa) to be included, you'd want to look in the 8-10 lb range (either bone in or out). But like MD said, unless you're planning something specific that piece, it's not needed for something like pulled pork or the like.
  4. Our Sam's Club packages their Butts 2 to a package and average about 8# each I usually buy from them unless our local grocery store runs them on sale. A while bak they were on for $1.27 lb.  I loaded up. Pulled pork freezes well  so what ever you have left put it in a freezer bag and save for later on

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    It probably depends on the local preference at your stores. The Winn Dixie's in my area sell whole bone in butts (usually around 7 or 8 pounds) and they run them on sale for $1.50 a pound every few months.

    As mentioned above. Anything around 5 pounds has been cut down but it will still produce good pulled pork.
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    Thanks, i didn't know about the money muscle, i just thought i was getting ripped off. I just pull the pork, so if it doesn't matter.No worries. I have noticed some smithfield's at wally world with extra "moisture" and suck, man they screw with everything don't they? How about just give me the meat and let me take care of the rest! No need for all this extra stuff. 

    I have noticed at my win dixies, half of the time the pork is labeled incorrectly. 

    Anyway thanks for the info! I'll keep doing what i'm doing then!
  7. Smithfield sold out to a Chinese company a year or so ago. I had bought their bacon for years but noticed a definate change after they sold out. The amount of water that cooked out of the bacon was ridiculous. Seems these days you have to read labels closely. Was in Kroger yesterday and fresh whole chickens were $.99 a lb. Label said "10% chicken broth added". What's up with that?
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    The bacon issue you had sopchoppy would be a pickle pocket issue most likely. Bellies being overpumped from a brine pressure issue. Trust me when I say this, the bacon is made the same today as it was 6 years ago, long before the buyout.

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