Walmart nixed Royal Oak...where can i find it?

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  1. I know there have been a few threads that some walmarts are phasing out royal oak lump, and mine is.  Dirty &*^*$&, its really the only thing i even go into the store for anymore i hate it so bad.  So the good is i wont have to go to Walmart anymore.  The bad is i feel like ive lost a loved one...i just started smoking a year ago and this is the only charcoal i have ever used.  I only have a bag left.  I need more coal for the weekend of the 4th.  So, where can i find more?  I live in an ohio podunk town with no other big supply stores around.  the ONLY other lump i can find is Cowboy at the local hardware. 

    Will i be dissapointed if i go to Kingsford briqs?  How much difference in taste will i notice?  I use minion method on WSM. 

    My friend suggested i buy a skid of Royal Oak...i thought hmmm i think i would if i could find a place to get it for me!  Any ideas?

    I finally perfected my butts with the addition of Jeff's rub and a mixture of hickory and oak now im lost! 

    Ok ok its not the end of the world but im pretty tore up about it! 
  2. Do you have any local hardware stores around or any smaller store that carries grilling stuff? If so I know around here if you talk to them you might get them to start stocking a certain brand but if they wont do that they will usually order you in what you want on special order. I don't know about the prices but at least you can get what you want. To bad you don't have a Sams club around I have been getting these 40lb bags of lump there and I am really liking it. I have 5 bags in the garage. My wife seems to pick up a bag or two every time she goes there.
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    Do the Sam's Clubs in your area carry Frontier Lump, a lot of people use it and like as well or better than RO.

    On a sadder note it looks like the local Wal-Mart up here is also phasing RO out, last time I went they had 7 bags on the shelves, I only had enough cash for 2. I do not like and will not buy Kingsford. I used to, but not since they "improved" it. I have used Royal Oak briquettes in the past but I can't find them in my area now, I thought they were OK.
  4. This is the stuff I was talking about. I like it a lot and its $15 for a 40lb bag.
  5. I have no sams...actually i am friends with the local hardware owners son.  The one i mentioned about Cowboy.  I will see if he can check into it for me.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Anyone have a guess as to how many bags are on a skid?  30 maybe...figuring they could put maybe 6 on a row, and 5 high...thats a total guess. 
  6. My buddie said that some guys he knows order a pallet of lump wood of their favorite brand every year and they all split the cost. So you must be able to get them on line directly but I bet the price for shipping isn't cheap.
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    Word on the web is steer clear of the Cowboy Lump, just FYI. Here's a link to the lump charcoa data base-

    Lots of good info there.
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    That word is true
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    Tru-Value offers lump butt I forgot the brand. If your local store doesn't carry it they can get it with no extra shipping charge.

  10. Yeah, talked to my buddy...the hardwre is a Tru-Value.  He said all their warehouse has in lump is Cowboy. 
  11. Well...problem solved...we have a Menards about a half hour away and my friend called me from there and said they had green bag RO lump.  Quick check on the review showed good stuff.  He brought me back 5 bags for $5 a bag.  So a bit of a drive compared to the local Wally but well worth it.  So head to your Menards if you are in the same bind!
  12. Hey great score buddie.
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    Unfortunately no Menards in Maine and the Sam's up here aren't stocking Frontier either. Probably end up buying online.
  14. If you go to the web page suggested above, not only will you find reviews, you will find out RO is sold under a few names.

    For those of you who have grocers that carry Best Choice  BINGO  its RO re labled!!

    Here are some other names you should look for

     Chuckwagon, Grill Time, Big Green Egg, Real Flavor (Wal*Mart), Wegmans, Best Choice, and Nature-Glo.

  15. I just finished my first bag of Frontier that I bought for a trial run.. I really liked it, will be going back to get a few more bags. Has lots of BIG chunks in it and seems to burn fairly long. The price ain't bad either. Comes out to about 37 cents per pound.
  16. I've seen it in our grocery store, Kmart and ACE Hardware within the last week and I'm in NJ which isn't known for smoking!!!! LOL

    Not saying it just showed up but I really haven't looked for it, I usually use Kford.
  17. If there is a GFS store near you, their store brand is made by RO.  I think it comes in 20lb bags for about $13.
  18. Restaurant Depot sells Royal Oak lump here in NJ.
  19. I just picked up some Royal Oak (made in U.S.A.) at a nearby walmart.  Haven't seen it there since early June.

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