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Discussion in 'Iowa Smokers' started by 4pogo7, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. 4pogo7

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    Out of the 11 members of this group, many haven't even been online in months! Wake up people!! I am trying to get more people to join. Let's start sharing, discussing, helping, and learning!
  2. fstbusa

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    Hey guys,   Travis from Cedar Falls.  Never smoked before.

    just picked up a used Char-griller duo a few months back.  Attempted to smoke a couple butts and while they came out alright, the process was less than desirable and the meat turned out decent....

    after doing some reading, I realize this thing needs some mods and after tearing into it, realized it needs some TLC.  Tore this whole thing down and am doing some much needed TLC.

    Now that the smoker chamber is looking good, gotta finish the gas grill part.  Needs new burners and heat shields as well as heat shield mounts.
  3. 4pogo7

    4pogo7 Smoking Fanatic

    Wow, quite the project you go yourself into! Looks like fun though. Also looks like you have a really nice shop/garage? to work on it in, along with some other fun toys!

    Thanks for joining us. Besides just in this group, there are tons of great people on this site with lots of knowledge. Ask all the questions you have and learn all you can. 
  4. fstbusa

    fstbusa Newbie

    yeah its my garage... got it fixed up about 90% of the way I want it.... still too small!  Not enough room to work!

    I agree it is quite the project..... didn't expect to have to do this much work to it but it will be a better unit that what I had and should last a while.  Plus I got a smoker to play with out of the deal!
  5. flippers

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    Check out my build pics! Let's get people excited to smoke something!

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