Wagyu Beef? Anybody try any?

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  1. Hey, Guys and Gals, Noticed that the BBQ Guru sold "competition meat" way down at the bottom of the web page. Looked nice. 10 bucks a lb for brisket. Then again, read an article by some big time smoker in Texas that he couldn't tell the diff in a blind taste test and actually picked the cheaper cut. Said ,"they were all good". Kevin
  2. Their are threads on the subject here. Just the other day someone was talking about it. I'm just a poor guy that uses a cheap Sam's Club packer. I have never had one turn out bad. If I am going to pay 10.00LB I will go prime rib.

    Happy smoken.

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    I have cooked Wagyu from SRF a few times at home and in a comp. I can tell a little bit of a difference but unless you dont care about money or competing in really big comps I wouldn't buy it. I will get it from time to time because I know the finished product I will get everytime. 
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  5. Yeah, I agree. I cook a pretty mean Ribeye on the grill. Can't imagine it tasting any better. When I'm eating one, I moan and groan about how good it is. Especially the tail. Yummy!  9 bucks a lb at sams. I'm gonna try a rib roast this Christmas Season. I'm smoked out for now. Been smoking for 3 weeks, ever since I got that WSM.  Kevin
  6. Are you going to smoke the Rib Roast or in the oven?

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    We cook an oven prime rib every Christmas day. Usually buy it at Freddy's when it's 5.99 a pound then dry age for a week or so. I just can't see spending the $$$$$. 
  8. I was thinking of "Mokin it, Mule. Ever done it? Tips? We do it in the oven every year, but now we gots a  "moker!  Might as well use it. Kevin
  9. Red Dog, how do you dry age a prime rib roast? Never done it, read about it. kevin
  10. I prefer it smoked. I like to give it lots of smoke and final temp or 130° after a hour rest. 

    I look forward to seeing your Qview,

    Happy smoken.

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    We do it like Alton Brown on the food network. We have done it for up to 10 days. Google

    Dry-Aged Standing Rib Roast with Sage Jus
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