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    Hello folks.  New member here.

    I have a Vision model B which I bought at Costco last year for $399.  Agree with most members' comments here that this grill is built very well and I've had no quality or structural problems with mine.

    Here's the issue:  I live in the foothills just east of Reno, NV, at an altitude of 5200ft., and using every suggestion the Vision people have made I cannot get the grill temperature above 400 deg with a heat deflector in place.  I need to get to about 550 to do pizza.  Without the heat deflector I can manage about 575 at best. This with the vents wide open and using Royal Oak lump charcoal.

    Are there any other Vision or even BGE owners here who live at high altitude?  What is your experience getting your grill above 500 deg?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Are you using the lava stone that sets below the top of the fire box on the x-bracket?

    If so, try using a pizza stone directly on the rack. Let the charcoal burn longer before closing the grill. Keep both top and bottom vents open and good luck.

    Mine works great here in NC foothills.

    I'm enjoying my new grill.

    Don't give up just yet!

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    Hi, Smokeintarheel,

    Thanks for your post.

    Yes, to do pizza or a roast you need to use a heat deflector, otherwise you'll simply burn the crust. I use the Vision lava stone with the SS X-bracket.  Works fine when you need temperatures below 400 deg, but not when you need 550 deg. or so for pizza.  The heat defector significantly impacts the airflow.

    An alternative is to use two ceramic pieces atop the grilling grate itself, separated by a small air gap. This, instead of the lava stone. One pizza stone I have has small "feet" molded into the stone which provides just enough air gap to prevent contact heating.

    I noticed you are from Claremont, NC, which Wikipedia says is about 980 ft elevation.  That's far different than where I am in the Reno, NV, foothills at 5200 (same as Denver).  We're high enough that new residents get altitude sickness for a time until they become acclimatized. At this altitude, the partial pressure of oxygen in the atmosphere is about 18% lower than at sea level, and I think this accounts for my difficulties with the grill.

    - Andy
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  4. Hi Andy,

    I'll have to keep your pizza stone alternative in mind when I do pizza on the Vision. I would love to visit the Reno area and I'll bet you are spot on with the altitude causing the difficulties with the grill. Hopefully some other high altitude Vision owners will chime in and give you some ideas.

    Take care,


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