Vintage Hobart Slicer Restoration

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  1. Thanks guys! Still taking baby steps, but it started looking like a slicer again today instead of a pile of parts.

    One more big piece still needs paint and a lot of polishing yet to do on a bunch of parts. 

  2. smokeamotive

    smokeamotive Smoking Fanatic

    Looks great! Sure helps to have all the right toys. What brand of Lathe you have?
  3. It's a Smithy CB-1239. I found it on Craigslist a few years ago sitting sitting on a couple 4x4s beside this Mennonite fella's barn. It was a pile of rust shaped like a lathe/mill combo. my wife thought I was crazy to offer him $1000. OK, crazy? I've heard that more than a couple times! Stupid? No, not really. You wouldn't believe how much I use this thing! The motor that runs the mill went up in smoke a few months ago, but that's fixable and for what it is, I'm happy with it. Some day I'll upgrade to a stand alone lathe and mill. That shop teacher I had back in high school just didn't know what he started. Mr. Morrison at Kewanee High, You'd be proud if you only knew everything I've done with what you taught me. It's really a shame that so many high schools are ending these programs! Amen!
  4. ronrude

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    I really enjoy the detail and craftsmanship in your posts.  This is going to be a jewel.  That would deserve to be a showpiece in any kitchen.
  5. smokeamotive

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    X2...... only my teachers name was Mr Ashby!
  6. Killer weekend! Did a slab of baby backs (best I've ever done) and a butterflied chicken for lunch. By dinner time the brisket was ready, burnt ends still on the smoker.

    Oh yeah, worked on the slicer too!

    Yes, that is bondo!



    Oh, sure, the Q!

    So tender! So good! When I wrapped for the middle two (3, 2, 1), I brushed on a mix of Mayo, butter and brown sugar. I think that's my new thing!

    Thanks Jeff, very good!

    Sorry for the dark pics. My kitchen needs more light for sure.
  7. daveomak

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    BH, evening.....  If that were mine, I would contact Hobart and see if they wanted it for their museum..... Of course they would have to trade for a new slicer...   I would be hesitant to use it....

  8. Thank you Dave. Burnt ends are done! I've been standing in the kitchen making noises like a fat kid in a fudge factory.

    OMG! Melt in your mouth, hard to keep on a fork, I don't know if any of these will make it to the fridge.
  9. shoneyboy

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  10. daveomak

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    What Shoneyboy said.....   2X.....    Dave
  11. woodcutter

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    My mother just gave me an old rival slicer from the 60's I think and the blade is in rough shape and obsolete. I have it so I can cut again from using a flat file and then hard honing stone. I have the same passion you have with this slicer only with antique tractors. Everything you want is somewhere some place. The accomplishment of restoring it is what makes cool.
  12. boykjo

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    I've been standing in the kitchen making noises like a fat kid in a fudge factory.

    Good one................[​IMG]
  13. WoodCutter, old tractors are so cool. My Wife has heard me say more than a couple times that we need to move to the country so I can get a tractor. There's just something about restoring something old too, whether it's an old truck, car, motorcycle or tractor. Even a food slicer!
  14. michael ark

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    Everything looks great!Thumbs Up

  15. Becaaaaaaaaaaaaause!!!


    Yes, I'm still working on it.
  16. jckdanls 07

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    man this thing looks fantabulous... probably won't even want to use it when it's finished
  17. michael ark

    michael ark Master of the Pit

    Nice skills. That look brand new.
  18. I've heard that a couple times now, but that's just not part of the plan. What's the point in having it if you don't use it?

    That would be like building an awesome custom bike and never riding it, or making a delicious sandwich and not eating it,

    or getting your wife that boob job she keeps talking about and never . . . . . . .  well if you're going to have something.
  19. michael ark

    michael ark Master of the Pit

    Boob job!:biggrin::biggrin:
  20. Got a new power cord wired up and was very relieved to find that it still works when I flip the very old toggle switch.

    Finally started polishing the base plate, Looks like it's going to come out pretty shiny.

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