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  1. Mayo based.

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  1. Every year my very large family gets together and goes camping for a week.  We always have one themed dinner party where everyone contributes a dish.  Previous themes have included luaus, mexican, polish, etc.  This years theme is BBQ, and frankly its about time.  We're gonna have a few smokers going with pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and the usual accompaniments, mac n cheese, abt's, baked beans, etc.  Well Ive landed the job of making the cole slaw.  Im gonna do a mayo slaw and a vinegar slaw.  The mayo slaw is no problem for me as thats the one I always make anyways.  However, the vinegar slaw is new to me.  Ive never made one, Ive never had one that I just had to have again. 

    So, who has the best vinegar slaw recipe?


  2. thebarbequeen

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    I'll PM you some of mine. The thing is, vinegar is super flexible. You can change up the veg, herbs, type of vinegar every which way.  Citrus juices can add fun "flavor profiles" (heehee foodtv jargon!).   The slaw I made for my party this weekend used both vinegar and mayo. Used about twice as much rice vinegar as evoo, then old bay, ponzu/soy, and a bunch of different spices, generous pinch of sugar, salt, pepper, etc, fresh parsley, julienned bell peppers and green onions,  then mayo, too, just enough to make it creamier.  Did basically the same for a potluck a bit ago, both disappeared, some taking it as a side, some putting it on the pp sammie.   The most basic is just a bit of peanut oil or evoo and seasoned rice vinegar.  Slaws are really fun, and vinegar slaws offer a ton of variations.  fresh or thawed frozen baby peas, julienned carrot, cuke, jicama, ANY fresh herb(s) that matches the other dishes....  it's all good! 
  3. meateater

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    I dont eat much slaw but I would think if going camping a vinegar based would be easier to keep fresh. 
  4. thebarbequeen

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    Since you don't need to make it until an hour or some before you use it (depending on how soft/crunchy you want your cabbage) I've mixed up my vinegar and spices in a jar and you're good to go. No need to worry about putting it in a cooler. Cabbage heads, carrots, onions, whole peppers, and peas keep for days too, so it's really a great camping option.  If you wanted to add a bit of mayo, some to-go type packets would be fine to throw into the cooler and only a few would be needed to enhance the texture if some wanted a creamier style slaw. I know there'll be some really good recipes coming your way from the great chefs here on the forum. Keep us posted!
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    Check out the recipe for Simple Carolina Slaw.

    It has very little mayo and salad dressing, even less of mustard, but it is so good.

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