Victorinox Edge-Mag knife blade guards

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  1. jcbigler

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    I bought a new  Victorinox 6" curved boning knife to go with my 12" slicing knife.

    I also picked up a set of the Victorinox Edge-Mag knife blade guards. 

    These things are wicked cool. They are basically two pieces of magnetic sheets, taped together with a heavy duty plastic. They sort of form a book and clasp around the knife on both sides. They seems really sturdy and can be washed in the dish washer on a low heat in the upper rack. Though I think I would rather just wash them by hand. They are super strong and won't come off the knife even if you swing the whole knife back and forth pretty hard. 

    I bought the 4-pack that comes with one each in: 7", 9", 10 1/2", and 12 1/2" long. The 12 1/2" one fits my Victorinox 12" slicer perfectly. And the 6" one fits pretty nicely on my new Victorinox 6" boning knife. 

    These are perfect if you have to store  your knives in a drawer, or a knife roll or case and want to protect the edge from getting banged up (and your fingers from getting cut up). 

  2. crazymoon

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    JCB, Does it magnetize your knife blades ?
  3. jcbigler

    jcbigler Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    No. They do not magnetize the blades. At least they haven't yet, and I have been storing them with the covers on for about a week now.

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