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  1. I have a 60 gallon air tank i want to convert into a vertical smoker and i need ideas
  2. bbq bill

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    Google images of vertical smokers.  There are plenty of ideas there. 
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  3. I have but most are not tanks.
  4. bbq bill

    bbq bill Smoke Blower

    I have a vertical smoker made outta a 120 gallon propane tank.   I can draw up the design for ya if you're interested??
  5. bbq bill

    bbq bill Smoke Blower

  6. That would be greatlly appreciated! I have seen a couple builds on here and am gathering ideas but the more ideas the better
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    So I'm about to build a vertical smoker using a 250 gal propane tank, and I know I need a diffuser plate, except I was thinking about welding it all the way around and then drilling about four or five 2 inch holes around the center of the plate for airflow. Do you think that would work? Will it let too much heat through?
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    Why the defuser plate ? Wouldn't water pan be good too?
  9. ttjb55

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