Vertical Smoker & Mounting Therm. w/ Wire Probe

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  1. Hi all, getting geared up for my first smoke. I've got two thermometers with wired probes that I'd like to use, one for the meat and one for the rack. I noticed there is a small vent hole on the top of the smoker on the back and I planned on running the probe/wires through this hole. My question is, where do I put the actual digital unit for the thermometer? They have magnets on the back, but my guess is that the outside of the smoker may get too hot to just stick it to the side? Any suggestions?
  2. I use a TV tray to hold the thermo unit along with my mopping liquid and other supplies i need...
  3. You can put a little side table or chair next to the smoker or if you have some wood scrap (2X4 or something like that) you can set it on top of that on the top of the smoker.

    I found on my gasser that running the probes through the vent was troublesome so I drilled holes in the back of the smoker and ran my probes through there.
  4. Thanks for the ideas, a piece of wood on top may do the trick for now. I don't think the wires are long enough to reach a tray next to the smoker if I use the vent on the top.
  5. I just throw a piece of wood on the top of my smoker to hold my thermometer base so it doesn't melt. Also you can put a magnet on the back and stick it to the side of the smoker if it doesn't get too hot.
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    All of theses are some good things to do for your thermo meter. Now I have a side table and if the wires don't reach thenI drilled a small 3/16th hole in the side of my smoker. Then just run the wirh thur and it won't hurt anything.
  7. I have a Smoke Hollow Electric that I drilled 2- half inch holes on the botton and a one inch hole on top for air flow. I put my therm probe in one of the half inch holes on the bottom. My smoker is insulated, so I put the base of the thermometer on the back or side using the magnets and it doesn't cause any problems. It seems to work well for me. Hope this helps you.
  8. I bought NM/SE watertight connectors from Menards for about $1.50 each. They are in the electrical department and I had to ask the sales clerk where they were.

    Drill a hole and insert at the level of each shelf. They have a rubber seal (gasket) and you can insert more than one probe through each connector.

    I used to run them in through the chimney but it was a pain when the smoker was hot and you need one on the bottom shelf. Plus you can pull the shelf out and not get the probe wires tangled up, jerked around, etc.

    Pretty quick and painless.

    Here is a link to where I got the idea from - it is mod 2 on page 4 I believe.

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