vertical or RF build with a propane Tank

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by a141sparky, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. a141sparky

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    I just joined here a few days ago and have been reading alot but still have questions about a build I want to do . I have a propane tank that is  32" tall x 24" wide and can't decide which style would suit this tank better .   I will use charcoal as my heat source . I mostly do boston butts on a Weber 22.5" grill right now

      My original thought was to build a vertical unit like a WSM  . After all of my reading I am doubtfull it is tall enough to put 2 racks in it and turn out a good product . So I have been thinking the tank may be better suited for a RF or if an external firebox would make it into a good  useable vertical cooker .

     What do you think ? 
  2. Ether way would work fine. I would go reverse flow.

    Happy smoken.

  3. scdigger

    scdigger Fire Starter

    Here's the vertical I have from a propane tank...

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  4. a141sparky

    a141sparky Newbie

     Thanks for the pic  .  How/where do you have your air inlets ?
  5. chinasmoke

    chinasmoke Smoke Blower

    A vertical Is a lot easier to build then an offset or RF and cheaper
  6. scdigger

    scdigger Fire Starter

    Look just below the lower red handle. You can one of them.
  7. idaho

    idaho Fire Starter

    I have a slightly larger pressure tank i was going to use, i wonder if it will be thick enough 
  8. Kind'a depends on what you like. Building a smoker is as much fun as cooking on it.

  9. I would go vertical.  As stated it is a lot cheaper to build.

  10. scdigger,

    Do you have any other pictures of your smoker?  Me and a buddy are looking to do something very similar, but with a bigger tank, 64 gal. one.  Our idea was to cut the bottom off, and add a fire box below, but the same basic idea.  How big does the chimney and the reverse flow need to be?  is there a way to figure that out?

  11. yes go to feldon,s bbq. pit put in your numbers         [et voila    ]


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