Vermont Castings VC3624GS Signature Series Smoker Info

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by dearhawke, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. dearhawke

    dearhawke Newbie

    I recently aquired a Vermont Castings VC3624GS Propane smoker.  I am in the process of rebuilding it (Cleaning it mostly) and am wondering if anyone has used this model and brand.  I know they no longer make them (and parts are impossible to get) but alot of it is stainless steel and I would like to bring it back on line if it is worth it.  I have a master built now.  Do propane smokers develop a smoke ring?  Electric smokers do not.  Any info is helpfull.  Any suggestions or comments?
  2. briangear

    briangear Newbie

    I have this smoker. Works great, converted it to natural gas. Parts are available at it is a rebadged GOSM.

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