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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by nocalhonker, Jul 8, 2011.

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    I'm going to build an electric USD, I've talked to meateater and got his imput on the electric part.  What I am wondering now is I've seen a few country girls comes to mind that uses 3/4 pugs on top for vents how would the vents that are like the ones on a weber lid work.  I'm also thinking of cutting a door in the bottom to add chips as needed.  Basically looking for do's and don'ts on above or other possible pitfalls you experts have found.  This is a great sight.  Nocalhonker 
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    There's lot of ways to do the vents on the lid. I put a door on my charcoal 55 gal UDS and it works great. I don't think one on an electric one will work well, maybe if you can seal it well. Besides Dutch and myself I don't think anyone else has a electric UDS on here. You might want to pm Dutch and get his opinion also. Hope this helps. 
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    Definately use a drip pan, I also suggest you check this link from Alton Brown

     Watch the video it was very helpful and he uses an electric sm0ker too.

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