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  1. dabullseye

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    thanks 4all the tips hope to get a drum soon i got lots of feelers out but, its a no show so far. has anybody made a lower vent system going to all 4 vents by way of a single upright ball valve. if i were to do this would i need to increase or decrease the pipe size further away from the ball valve. im thinking  of taking a lg fitting from the top lid (replaced with a Weber lid for added space) and welding it along the bottom of drum opposite the main intake and piping the other vents into one vertical valve with 2 90* elbows on top past the valve to keep out rain water. im thinking the further away from the valve the pipe would get progressively bigger as it works back toward the welded fitting so the air flow would be more or less equal. or does it need to go from bigger to smaller ??? am i thinking to much into this, rather than KISS (keep it simple stupid).
  2. rugsrme

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    Why would you go through the trouble to make a more complicated vent system? What would be the benefit?

    I would KISS it. Just my $.02.

  3. dabullseye

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    ya i kinda thought so, thats what i get for thinking
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    I recommend building one first and then after a few smokes on it you can always change the design or even build a new one. Most of the parts can be stripped off and reused and drums themselves are fairly cheap once you find a source for them. 
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    +1 What Solar said. If you use standard plumbing fittings and just dry fit them you can run it see how you like it then modify to your hearts content till you find the configuration you like.
  6. rugsrme

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    Nothing wrong with thinking!, I was just wondering what your idea was going to do, I thought I was going to learn something :)
  7. dabullseye

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    i just dont want to be unscrewing caps and screwing them back on or losing one . also i was thinking it would provide air all around the fire box with just a turn of the valve instead of just a blast of air coming in from one side. it just seem like it would burn better with 360* of air instead of just a single one.  since you want this to burn slow it just might be better to have 1 vent once its up to temp.

    ive seen some UDS with what looks like a large pvc vent and others with bk pipe. so would a 3/4 vent pipe work or should that be increased and then reduced back to 3/4 where it enters the drum. some where one person rec. to use (4) 3/4 with caps around the bottom but i like the idea of having a valve up high (call me lazy) 
  8. rugsrme

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    I have found learning mine, that once it is at desired temp. just small adjustments to the ball valve is all I've needed to do.  These things are pretty basic as far as burning goes.  I made sure my coal basket is on legs 3" high and my intake pipes are at 2" above the bottom of the barrel and the air flows right up under the middle of my fire just fine. 

    If it is a matter of not wanting to bend over (it can be hard for me with my back some days, not just lazy) you may consider putting riser pipe on all of your intakes and use valves on all (cost permitting mine cost $9.97 plus tax) of them I have thought about doing this on mine, I find myself loosening one or 2 caps instead of removing them when the valve is full open to bump the temp up. Also, you may install valves without the risers with the handle pointing away from the drum in the open position and use your foot to open and close them which would give you ultimate control at each intake. 

    If you are using 4 intake pipes, I think the 1/2" pipes give PLENTY of air flow.

    As far as loosing the caps, I don't worry, the caps I bought for my 1/2" pipes were $.99 each.

    Keep in mind I'm only starting out with mine too, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

    Good luck,


    PS with the wind I have been smoking in, it is almost impossible to get an even 360 intake, perhaps your idea may remedy that, can you post a sketch of what your trying to do? My simple mind can't quite grasp how you were wanting to connect all 4 vents to a single valve.
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  9. dabullseye

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    i like the foot idea, i was thinking of a high temp rubber hose and barb fittings and if need be a heat shield but since it would not be touching the drum and there would be a gap between the drum i think HT hose would be cool. im just trying  to line up all my parts b4 i go to the store and get my drum so it will be a slam bam install.
  10. rugsrme

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    Sounds interesting, let us know how it works out.
  11. pit 4 brains

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