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  1. i've read the discussions about not using galvanized metals for smokers.  now my dilemma.......the vent pipe that i want to run between my smokehouse and the firebox, my son thinks that it is galvanized.  is this acceptable or not?  thanks in advance for your help.
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    I think you answered your own question,,,,,galvanized should not be used for cooking!
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    no galvanized.i believe when it heats it releases bad stuffin the air.WHEN IN DOUBT throw it OUT
  4. Ok, that's what I thought.  However, in my area, that seems to be all I can find.  Can someone tell me what I need to look for?  Thanks
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    Sue, morning....  Do you have a local dealer that sells wood stoves ??? they have a supply of ducting used for wood burning stoves.... 

    Also, hardware stores sometimes carry products for wood stoves, especially stack replacement parts.... 

  6. Well......what i have i got at lowes.  It is the 3 inch pipe (double wall) that is used on wood stoves.  so maybe it isn't galvanized?  sorry for all this but this is something that i really know nothing about.  good lord, i think i may need a drink!
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    Hey Sue,  typically on double wall the outside is galv and the inside liner is aluminum.  Pictures??  I work with sheetmetal for a living so if you could snap a pic I might be able to help! 
  8. what temps are we talking? i vent and install vent hoods for a living. all i ever use is galvanized piping. we have done everything from venting small microwaves to 7ft commercial hoods in fire dept. only thing we use double wall on is pizza ovens and fireplaces. I believe previous poster is correct on the gal outside aluminum inside.
  9. i just read up a lil bit on the galvanized subject. from what I've read it can potentially release zinc. which the government has said is not food safe. that can be taken any witch way you like. galvanized metal is not used on cooking surfaces bc of the, releases zinc into the food = bad. but i can not see a problem with using as a vent pipe. Now your situation is different, i would go with everybody els'e opinion and not use it to transfer the smoke/heat from your firebox to your smoking chamber. in essence what you would be doing is adding Zinc vapor to your smoke/heat and then smoking your food with it. I'm sure there are 1000's of people that have done this with no ell effects. i even know a guy that built a smoker out of an old galvanized water tub. hope this helps.
  10. what i actually have done is put that portion of smokehouse on hold.  I am now using a propane burner for the heat portion and todd's pellet smoker for the smoke.  i would like to add that the pellet smoker is AWESOME!    i do still intend to get the outside firebox fine tuned and use it at times.  for now, the hole that is cut for the vent pipe gives me just enough ventilation to keep the pellets smoking even with the burner going. 

    so far, we've done 20 pounds of bacon (very good), 2 batches of jerky, chicken breasts and pork chops.  everything has turned out very good.  oh, and cheese.  smoked cheddar and provolone.  i've been using a variety of pellets.  hickory pellets from todd worked very well.  the cherry ones.....not so much.  i tried microwaving but they still don't want to burn/smoke.  my local home depot carries lil devil pellets and i decided to try them.  i'm pleased with them.  the funny thing is that when i went to pay for them, they didn't ring up in the cashier's computer so she just gave them to me.  20 lbs of free pellets......YAY!!!!  they do smoke nicely and have a nice flavor.  i also can get traeger pellets locally so i've tried the apple ones yesterday with my jerky.  it seems to be much milder than hickory.

    overall, i'm pleased.  i know i still have a long way to go in learning the ins and outs.  i'm glad i found this has been a wealth of information.  happy smoking to all!

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