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  1. When I smoke my summer sausage I take them out of the refrigerator and leave them at room temperature for 2 hrs.  I then put them in the smoker at 110 degrees for 2 hours with the door cracked open no smoke.  Here is my question.  I then bump the temperature up to 120 degrees and apply the smoke.  I bump the temperature up every hour 10 degrees until I hit 180 degrees.  I am applying smoke throughout the whole process.  My questions are should I keep applying the smoke and should the vent be open 100%.  When the internal temperature reaches 152 degrees I pull the sausage and give it a cold bath until the internal temperature is 110 degrees

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    180 is when fat starts to melt so keep bumping the temps and stay about 20 degrees hotter with your smoker than the sausage IT. When your bumping up your smoker stop around 170 and wait until your sausage finishes at 152. Summer sausage is large in diameter and can take a longer time to get the center IT to 152. If you were at rendering temps the outside of your sausage can render a little or and you can get case hardening just under the casing.
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    I apply smoke most of the time and for the first hr or so you want vent open 100% then I close mine to about 3/4 shut. Like WC said I only take mine to 170smoker temp and wait for IT to hit 152. Yep do the cold bath thing,, you are right on track.

    How about some q-views?? you know what they say


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