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  1. gberger

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    Does anyone have a good smoked venison recipe ?
  2. c farmer

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    What cut of meat?
  3. gberger

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    A roast
  4. Don't trust any recipe that doesn't include bacon on top of your roast. Venison can easily get dry.
  5. I'll leave the bacon up to you. Personally I would rub with favorite rub, set smoker to 250 or so insert meat thermometer at proper time, pull off st 165 to 170 it and have one nice piece of venison for dinner. Use whatever wood you use for beef and you'll be fine. My experience has been that cooked to the correct it venison don't dry out in the smoker like it does in the oven. Of course I use charcoal, not sure if propane or electric will make a difference or not.
  6. I smoke a lot of venison & I have never had any dry out. I don't put bacon on it but I'll probably try is sometime just because I love bacon. I just put a light SPOG dusting on. I don't season any wild game much - I like the true flavor to come through. I smoke at 225 & when the IT gets to 162 I pull it out, wrap & rest. For small pieces I pull at 165 then wrap & rest. They turn out great  [​IMG]  Check out this thread...
  7. buzzy

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                           Smoked Venison

    4 # boneless roast

    1 cup white sugar

    3 bay leaves

    1/2 tsp. marjoram

    1/2 tsp. chili powder

    2 tsp.coarsely ground pepper

    1 Tbs. soy sauce

    1 cup beer

    sliced bacon

    Mix all ingredients in a deep nonmetal pan with enough water to cover roast.

    Add roast, cover & refrigerate for 48 hrs. Place roast on oiled rack, lay

    slices of bacon on top of roast.  Cook to 150 internal.
  8. gberger

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    [thanks for the info. What temp do you cook it at?

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