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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by nomnomnom, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. nomnomnom

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    A coworker is wanting me to smoke some venison sausage for him. He already has it processed and ready to go. Any tips for this? I am going to be using my 18.5 WSM. As far as woods I have on hand. I have pecan, cherry, and oak left. I was going to try and hang them off the top rack with some metal ties but I was unsure of the temp to smoke at and what wood would work best. Any info would be appreciated.
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    First, there will be others with more knowledge them me chiming in soon. But more information will be needed. My first question would be, how was it processed? Is it stuffed in casings and what type? What recipe was used and was there a cure used? These factors are important to know from a food safety factor before safe accurate advice can be given. For instance if no cure was used the meat would need to be treated like fresh meat in order to be safe to eat.
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    I'm with RedDog... More info about the sausage needed. If a cure was used, you can bring it up to temp slowly, if no cure, hot smoke.
  4. I agree with the above comments. More information is needed. If it is in links you can hang with butcher string.

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    By the way Amazon has these racks, they work great for smoking sausage, I have one.

  6. nomnomnom

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    PS Seasoning and Spices was the brand they used and something called Maple Cure (whatever that is). It is cased with a mixture of pork.
  7. nomnomnom

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    I'm just wondering how long it may take. There are 4 tubes total.
  8. How big are the tubes?

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  9. nomnomnom

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    Well, I had great success. Found out it was cured so I ran it at 100 degrees for 1hr then about 150-160 for another 4 or so till it came to temp.
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    Looks good !
  11. It looks like you nailed it!


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