Venison snack sticks

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by billyboy402, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Wanted to try making snack sticks, so i purchased the Hi-Mtn snackin sticks kit. A buddy gave me a hand crank #22 grinder awhile back and i never used it , so i thought why not. Ended up mixing  5 pounds ground venison and 2 pounds of pork shoulder that i ground.

    Seven pounds later i surely have an appreciation for the process . Will put them into the smoker tonight when i am not so tired. thanks for looking.
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    Man, that's a nice job!

    WOW, hand crank grinder & stuffer!

    That's a workout!!

    Points to you my friend!!

  3. Thanks Al, I am just getting into wanting to make my own sausage and ground meats etc, so i figured doing it like this would make me appreciate the process more. it sure did and my arm knows it for sure.

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