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  1. I shot a deer Saturday that I am bleeding out in an ice chest (quartered up) to remove the blood. We always ice our deer down for at least three days. My question is would it be safe to cook one of the shoulders Wednesday to 152 IT being that the meat has not been frozen in a deep freezer. I always freeze my meat first for a few weeks before cooking, but I have a recipe I want to try for a whole shoulder and all I have is fresh non frozen meat. Would you cook it? I know the rules for wild game say 165 IT but that's way to high for venison with my past experience.
  2. I see no problem at all with cooking up fresh deer.  We occasionally will cook up fresh elk back strap in a skillet in camp.  Not a clue on the IT temp you plan on going to but I do understand the need to cook venison to rare or just perhaps a bit past rare.
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    Unless you have a local announcement from the fish and wildlife folks warning against things like TB and chronic wasting disease, there is no need to worry about parasites in venison like you have to with bear and wild hogs. To my knowledge, deer and deer species are not carriers of trichinosis. Just make sure you follow food safety guidlines for the temperature danger zone 40-140 when holding or cooking meat.

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