venison Pastrami, chicken and Lobster....Enjoy

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by dwaytkus, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. dwaytkus

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    Well I have been drooling over venison Pastrami posts for months now and decided it was time. I used Pops brine as the base for my brine and added some pickling spices and garlic. After 12 days in the brine they were ready for some mustard and rub before hitting the smoker. I think this is were I had some trouble. I applied yellow mustard to the outside before covering with rub. I think this is why I didn't get a bark on the outside. The rub was also running off. Anyway they still turned out with great flavor just minus the crust. a pic a couple hours in.

    While everything was smoking I got dinner rolling. Chicken and veggie kabobs!

    And here is some grilled Lobster to get you really drooling!

    And after a night in the fridge here is the Pastrami all sliced up.
  2. chef jimmyj

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    I have made several Pastrami's using Mustard and have never had that problem. You only need a very thin coating, 2Tbs for 4 lb pieces is plenty. It looks like a lot of your spices are whole. You need to grind or at least crush the spices to get the flavor out plus they stick better. What you made looks great anyway. Here is one of mine...JJ

  3. foamheart

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    Nice looking Chef, beautiful presentation on those lobsters too.

    Since I can't make 'em out, the two McCormick gormmet spices on the end in the picture, I am guessing Juniper berries and maybe crushed red peppers?
  4. woodcutter

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    All great looking stuff!

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  5. chef jimmyj

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    Whole Allspice and Coriander. Here is the recipe I used...JJ

    Pastrami Rub

    2T Black Peppercorns

    1T Coriander Seed

    1T Dry Minced Onion

    1T Dry Minced Garlic

    1tsp Allspice Berries

    1tsp Mustard Seed

    1tsp Dry Thyme Leaves

    3 Bay Leaves, crumbled

    1tsp Juniper Berries ( Skipped, I was out )

    All Spices are Whole and were toasted in a dry pan over Medium heat until fragrant.

    Let the Spices cool then Grind in a cheapo Coffee Grinder until slightly less than Coarse. The Garlic and Onion do not need to be toasted. If grinding do so only slightly as the Minced size is pretty close to perfect for Pastrami.
  6. dwaytkus

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    I used montreal steak seasoning for the rub. Next time im gonna try no mustard.

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