Venison.....maybe an Elk as well....

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by inkjunkie, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. inkjunkie

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    Neighbor went hunting in Idaho. Believe his permit allows Deer and Elk. We have been helping out his wife, who recently had a pacemaker installed. He saidid he will be giving us some meat. Any recipes/suggestions on how to cook it would be appreciated. I don't hunt, not a big fan of game meat. Last Venison steaks he gave us we gave to another neighbor..
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    There are lots of Hunters here and many Recipes that can offer suggestions. I don't hunt anymore, but there are some recipes that sound great. Good luck to you and your friend...JJ
  3. elginplowboy

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    Everyone knows that meat aint good. So pack in dry ice and ship to me for proper disposal. Lol. Elk tastes and acts very close to beef. Do u know what cuts u are getting? What do yall like to eat? What equipment do u have? (Grinder? Sausage stuffer?) Here is what i normally do. Fore quarter cuts are normally ground to make sausage, summer sausage, and snack sticks. Hind quarter and backstrap cuts are steaks, jerky, venison dried beef. My kids and wife wont touch a venison steak or chicken fried backstrap but if i use that same meat and make either jerky or snack sticks its gone in a day. So i make what everybody eats. For sausage and snack sticks i use nepas hot stick recipe(from this site). For summer sausage len poli recipe(google it). Venison dried beef is a bearcarver step by step and is really amazing(this site). Good luck and happy eating.
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    Elk steak,,,,,YUMMY!!!! slice probably 1/2" thick or so, coat in flour, and salt and pepper it, fry in crisco in CI pan,,, Best ever!!!! 

  5. hank2000

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    Soak in game tame 2 hours dreg in flour and fry till done

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