Venison Hind Quarter

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dawg smoke, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Anyone out there got any tips on smoking a deer quarter? Brine/Not to Brine? Brine recipe? Rub Recipe? My 10 yr old harvested his first deer last weekend. We are eager to smoke it up and EAT like Dawgs!!
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    . I just posted a similar post to yours about 4 hours ago. I have a vinisen hind quarter and am trying to get some opinions.. I just took mine out of freezer today and plan on smoking it Sunday , I'm thinking about brining mine in the slaughter house brine recipe, ( even though its intended for poultry)I did a spatchcocked chicken couple weeks ago and the breast reminded me of a juicy Ham, so my logic is to brine mine in the slaughter house brine for about 6/ 12 hours then do a bacon weave over it and smoke it at 225 until IT of 160 then pull it and let it rest wrapped up in a towel in a cooler. Haven't gotten any any response back yet as to if anyone has tried this so I'm going to experiment And see how it comes out ..
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    Do this post again in the wild game section and maybe more folks w/the knowledge about this will see it. Good luck and congratz to your child on their success

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