Venison haunch recipe

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  1. Hi all

    Need to pick your brains.

    I have a haunch of venison coming in a week or so and I`m not sure what to do with it. I have a good spicy roast recipe which does involve a brine of sorts for about 10 days and the usual game cooking books all say that the joint needs to be hung/marinaded for a week to 10 days, so that`s cool. 

    I`d like to hot smoke it at a low temp for 5-6 hours (maybe), but any ideas for a rub, a marinade, some timings and temps etc?

    Some ideas would be gratefully accepted.

    Thanks guys
  2. Hello.  You are on track as far as my knowledge takes me.  I would add the tastes I wanted to the brine and hen salt and pepper to smoke.

    Time?  Temp.?  Many here may not agree but I would throw it on hte smoker at 350F..  Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then close the smoker down until you reach about 225/250.  Hold that until it is done.  I would not take that haunch above IT of 135/140.  Venison can be dry.  So wrap in foil and keep warm for at least 1 hour.  Keep Smokin!

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    If you asked this in the "Wild Game" section of the main forum you would get a lot more advice

    Personally when I do these I inject them and smoke at 225-250 till internal of 135-140

    As Danny says they will dry out if you try to take the internal too high
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    Have you ever tried a buttermilk marinade? Two days on the kitchen counter in just buttermilk unrefrigerated. It breaks it down a little bit making it a bit more tender. Then injecting a compound butter into the meat? A friend does that and its mighty tastee. Oh, he also wraps it in bacon.

    I can't be too specific, but I have seen him do it and tasted the result. Mighty Tastee!
  5. Hi Foam!!  Long time no speak!  I LIKE it buddy.  Buttermilk marinade should work GREAT!  Nice touch.  Keep Smokin!


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