Venison & Elk Summer Sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by couger78, May 28, 2012.

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    I was fortunate to receive from a friend at church a large amount of venison & elk, some ground, mostly steaks & the like. I thought I'd go ahead and make some summer sausage with the ground. Using Len Poli's 'venison SS' recipe. First the dry ingredients:


    Had four pounds of ground venison and four pounds of ground elk. Looked quite lean.


    To this lean meat, I added 1.5 pounds of fresh-ground pork fat:


    Next came the dry ingredients. I mixed the NFDM & Fermento with water and poured this into the meat mix:


    After a good, thorough mixing, this was stuffed into four 2.5" mahogany casings. The leftover from the stuffer I fried up (chef's sample!). It tasted really good! The apple-wood smoke will only improve what I thought was an excellent tasting sausage!

    This was my first taste of venison in over 15 or 20 years.

    Into the smoker. These will get about 3-4 hours of applewood pellet smoke.


    After the smoke, a quick poach and we're about finished... Oops!.....not quite!

    Sometime during the 3-hour smoke, I must have had a huge temperature spike because when I opened the door to the smoker I saw this...


    Four shriveled chubs hanging above pool of rendered fat![​IMG]

    I attribute the temp spike to my pellets catching fire and raising the internal temp of the smoker to well-past the 'fat out' stage.

    I also blame myself for not keeping a diligent eye on the smoke (trying to do 10 other things) and so the results were less than satisfying. Shriveled, grease-filled chubs.....Our great dane got an unexpected treat.

    Good news I've plenty more venison to use. So I'll give this another shot in the near future.

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    It was looking so good! Until the end... thanks for posting your less than excellent results, it's not perfect every time. Bummer it happened but at least it was only a small batch!
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    Looks arent everything....................................[​IMG]

  4. Bummer!!!!

    I had this same thing happen with a batch of kielbasa not long ago when a controller went breezerk!!! :30:
    Luckily, I salvaged the kielbasa by using it in boiled dinner.


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