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Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by klutzyspuds, Sep 15, 2015.

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    For the past several years, whenever I want to fire up my smoker and try something new, this is the place I come, and this past weekend was no exception. Here in Wisconsin, this weekend also marked the start of another archery deer season.

    I had about 7 1/2 lbs of venison trimmings remaining from last year, originally intended for bacon from a nearby professional. Unfortunately, I never made the trip over so there it sat, sealed and buried in the freezer.

    A few weeks ago I got the brilliant idea to make my own bacon out of it. So, back to my favorite forum site, and all of the people who know more than me.

    I ground the venison with my course plate, added an equal amount of ground pork. I mixed the two meats and ground a second time using the fine plate on my grinder. Being a total of 15 pounds of meat, I measured proper amounts of the seasoning and cure from a pre packaged kit I purchased from Cabelas that was good for 25 pounds of meat. I added the seasoning and mixed. Then I added the cure and mixed again.

    Using a tip I learned on here, I sprayed aluminum foil pans with cooking spray, and added a layer of wax paper to the bottom. I formed the meat into loaves and pressed them into the pans about two inches thick.

    After resting the meat in the fridge over night, I fired the Smoke Hollow 44. The first hour was at 130º without smoke, two more hours at 150-160ºwith apple and cherry smoke, and then 180º until IT of 155, very little smoke. Took a little longer to get to IT than expected, but slow and steady with patience to perfection.

    Unfortunately, I neglected to get early pics, but at least I remembered the afters.

    Fresh out of the smoker. One I sprinkled CBP after putting it in the pan the night before.

    After slicing. Test fry and taste test said success.

    Thanks again to all of my "friends" here on Forums for all the help. It is truely worth trying new things, and I will never pay to have this stuff made for me again, but rather make it myself. I think next time I may try Curleys mix next time, as many of you rave about it.
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    Sure looks good to me.... Nice job.... Thumbs Up
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    Looks like a good way to make room in the freezer before deer season. 
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    Thanks guys, if I made a mistake, it sure is a tasty one.[​IMG]

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