Veggie breakfast fatty, pizza fatty, and bacon Mac & beer cheese fatty!

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  1. Vegetarian was good, I just substituted gimme lean fake sausage and cooked about 1/2 as long, it was filled with cheesy scrambled eggs & mushrooms & onion. Put pastry puff shell on after the rest was cooked and had cooled in freezer for 20min.

    Pizza was pretty standard.

    And the Bacon Mac & Beer cheese was everyone's favorite. I used leftover sauce from this recipe and added cheddar until it was thick.
    I also added crispy bacon right into the Mac and some "sweet hot peppers" when I rolled it up. I smoked these on my GMG pellet grill at 225 for 1 hr and bumped heat to 300 for 2 hrs and internal temp was 165.

    I used 2 lbs of sausage per fatty and the bacon ones have 1.5 lbs each in the wrap.

    Thanks for all the great tips and inspiration in this page!
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  2. That looks very tasty! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy smoken.

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    Looks great, well done !

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