Vasconia or Imusa pot preferred?

Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by aggie94, May 28, 2015.

  1. aggie94

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         New to this Mini concept but excited to build one.  I'm fortunate my local HEB has both of these 32qt steamer pots (sorry for those having a hard time finding one), is one considered better than the other?  Thanks for the help!

    As a heads up to others, Target has the Smokey Joe Silver for $30 that comes with a $5 gift card and free shipping through 5/30/15.  I saw it online but picked mine up at the store.
  2. bdskelly

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    Howdy Aggie

    Welcome!  The HEB around me has a pretty good assortments as well.  But I noticed the Vasconia pot was now different than the one I purchased for my unit.  They must have been redesigned.  The new models no longer have the black insulated grips and the top of the pot is round rather than flat.  So I'm not sure that the deletions are the same. (Have not had time to check it out) 

    If the Vasconia pot you see at HEB looks like the one  in the link below then Id use that one.  If it does not then buy the IMUSA.

    Here is the link..

    Good luck!

  3. mdboatbum

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    I believe there are a couple versions of the Vasconia. Main thing I'd do is take your grill in to the store and do a test fit, both the pot in the grill and the lid on the pot. Chances are the lip of the pot will have to be tweaked for the lid to fit, but you can at least see which is closest. For what it's worth, I've made two with the Imusa pots and have been happy with both.
  4. aggie94

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    Thanks Brian and MDboat for the good information.  The Vasconia they have is like you described with the round top.
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  5. aggie94

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    I was planning on going with Vasconia since they had them but the lid was too big for it.  Got the Imusa but had to pound the rim down with a hammer over the corner of a work bench to get the lid to fit.  Taking the lid was a great suggestion.
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  6. bdskelly

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    Im sure your build will be great!  

    Still... It's looking more and more like Vasconia has indeed change their pot design and it will not longer be useful to make a mini.... 

    Too bad. Because the older design was a perfect fit!.  
  7. aggie94

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    Yes Brian you got to the heart of it, the new Visconia does not fit the Smokey Joe like the old one.  Just to add a builders note, if you cut out the bottom of the pot, which I did, you have to have something to hold the diffuser, which I didn't.  Did a test smoke with some ribs and just laid the pie pan/diffuser on top of the charcoal, didn't work that well.  Will have to make an adjustment for next time.
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    Pictures if there no pictures then it didn't happen.
  9. aggie94

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    ZZR that's only fair.  I've never posted a picture online before, will have to see if my wife can help.  Usually on computer things I get my college age daughter to help but she has gone to Scotland for the summer.  Claims it is just as cheap as taking a class in the states, we'll see.

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