Variation in cooking temperatures for ribs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kryinggame, Mar 7, 2015.

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    In my WSM, I've done hundreds of racks of ribs, both baby back and St. Louis cuts.  My goto temperature has always been in the the 250* - 275*.  I've never tried anything above this range. 

    On the Weber website, there are a lot of videos by Jamie Purviance, who is an expert chef at cooking/grilling/smoking.
    The other day, I noticed that on some of videos, he suggest smoking ribs at the range of 250* - 300*  (the Basic Baby  back rib on the Weber site); however, on the same site, he recommends cooking spare ribs at the range of 350* - 450*  over direct heat  (spareribs with maple mustard glaze) and I've seen a recommendation of his to cook spareribs at the 225* - 250*  range.  

    I understand that at a higher temperature, food will cook quicker; however, is there a difference in the final out come  of a higher temperature vs. lower temperature?  

    Thanks much!
  2. you are going to get opinions pointing to both high and low temps being the best way to do it

    I have always liked goin by what my Tel Tru thermometers on my pit say

    so maybe you are "bbq'in" your ribs, while I try and stay below 250 so I am "smoking" them  [​IMG]

    IMHO either is fine, just so long as you figure out what works for you and your taste and how you work your cooker

    Heck, I've cooked pork ribs on a gas grill with no thermometer, that thing was probably running in the 375 range and the ribs came out great
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    I think bigred nailed it.  To me smoking is best below 250, in fact, I smoke almost everything at 235 including my ribs, baby backs as well as spares.  I believe there will be a big difference in taste between those smoked low and those effectively grilled.  I don't mean a bad taste just different.   

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