Vacuum packed baby back question

Discussion in 'Pork' started by md15154, May 27, 2016.

  1. md15154

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    Hello gang,

    We're thinking of Smoking some baby backs at the firehouse on memorial day. I've noticed that the previously frozen (usually vacuum packed) ribs are usually tougher and don't fall off the bone as well as the fresh stuff. If I'm using the 2-2-1 method, will I have better results if I go 2-3-1? Also any opinions on rib racks would be appreciated too.

    Have a Happy Memorial Day!
  2. schlotz

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    You can but you might want to test them as you go past the 2 hr mark in foil.  Personally, I've found foiling more of a PITA (takes away beer time[​IMG]) than it's worth.  Remember the longer you keep them in the more they breakdown.  At some point fall-off-the-bone will start to rob flavor.

    JMTC [​IMG]  
  3. You could, but keep an eye on them. It doesn't take long for them to get to the falling off the bone stage. Check at 2.5 hours

  4. md15154

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help!
  5. joe black

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    If you go 2-3-1, IMO, they will be very mushy and overdone. Why not thaw the ribs?
  6. md15154

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    We'll def thaw them. It just seemed that they are usually a little tougher when I buy the previously frozen ribs. I think I'll do as others suggested and check it after 2hrs and maybe go 2.5 max. Thanks
  7. Hey Buddy, most all the Ribs I buy have been previously frozen, Never noticed them being tough.

    Like I said before too long in foil will have them falling off the bone.


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