vacupack foodsaver on ebay

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  1. The first one you have listed, looks like it may be the older old type. They work good, just not as user friendly as the newer type.
  2. The newer food savers are junk compared to these units.
  3. I will totally agree with that. Why spend two hundered dollars for a unit that you cant fix, or is outdated in less than 2 years, when you can buy a good used unit for a hundered or less, that will last you a lifetime and can be fixed. Not to mention that you can wet vac pack with the older ones.
    Again Thanks Mudduck for posting these. Your service is greatly appreciated by myself and others.
  4. I just wanted to thank you guys I was able to pick up one of the tilias you had posted last week and ups just delivered her. I will prob be bugging you guys with questions

  5. No problem gargra03. I would be more than happy to help you out. You got urself a good machine. And there easy to fix and maintain.
  6. Ok guys need help already, I got home last night and started to tinker with the tilia and it is a neat machine but I am having a problem, I cannot get the bags to vacpack, I hooked up the jar assembley and do have suction coming through the hose but then I switch it back to the bag system and put my bag in place and press down you hear the pump activate but does not create suction. Any ideas where to start ?
  7. make sure the bag one half is over the middle peace the other half is under it. check the pulg under it to see if it is tight .make sure the filter
    is clean
    go to this web site see how to work it and clean it
  8. I did check the filter last night and cleaned it out, I did have one peice of the bag over the front and one under the brown peice. I dont know alot about the machines and really appreciate all your help.
  9. One of the most common problems with older Vacupack type machines, are that when they are stored , they are not put into the storing position. The gaskets are resiliant, but after a while, they do need replacing. I am assuming that you ran some HOT soapy water through a bag, thus drawing the liquid through the bag line, and into the pump? If you did so, you know that your lines are clear and the pump is pumping out the liquid. Then follow up with some vinyl cleaner, like armoral, you know the stuff that you use to shine your dashboard. If all that is done, you should replace your gasket. That is probally the only other thing it could be,Here is a thread giving you a source for the gasket material.
    I am assuming that you have the snorkel type Vacupack?

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