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    found a vacufresh preatycheap but says heat  bar dosn't work orthe bag vac but the canister works fine.Found post of what to look for as far as the bag no vacuum isue but but haven't found anythingon the heat or seal bar not working anyone have an idea?
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    Fordman, welcome. The Tilia Food Vac . is a decent price and can be found on sale... you should discuss the purchaes of one , life gets easier then, and the Q will be there,(un-frezer Burned) until you want it.

    Beats me that folks freeze their BBQ, it doesn't last that long around here, the Munchkins get it before it gets a day old...[​IMG]
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    No body that has a tilia had ever had the heat bar go bad? Where can you get parts for the vintage tilia's.
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  5. I can vouch for the folks in Dave's link.  I have a vacupack, same as the vacufresh,  These people know their stuff!  I was able to completely refurb mine and all I had to buy was new foam strips.  Make sure you go through the site to see how to fix yours up inexpensively.
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